Training and Gran Fondo Racing Camps in Italy

Tirreno Adriatico Spring Camp — March 6th to 12th 2013

About half way down the Italian peninsula just in from the warm blue Adriatic sea lies an unspoilt terrain that is a veritable cycling paradise. Mario Cippolini was amazed with this area when his rode here during his Dominca Vacanza training camp days and it's here that one of the biggest Pro Tour stage races on the calendar, Tirreno Adriatico finishes every year; welcome to Marca Fermana.

We have assembled a team of people to create and organize cycling camp adventures with a respect for traditions within the sport of cycling. Our team will guide you, support you and introduce you to this beautiful land so well suited to all kinds of cycling. Our first camp is the Queen camp for our Spring events and it's scheduled to run during the Tirreno Adriatico race. The camp kicks off the same week as the race during the beautiful sunny days of spring season. The race follows it's usual tradition starting on the Mediterranean coasts and reaching its conclusion a week later in San Benedetto del Tronto. Get in some incredible quality riding and give a boost to your condition to bring on form while also having the opportunity to see the final stages of this famous race live.

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Map for the Tirreno AdriaticoOur base is located near the southern part of the Marche region in Italy,  close to the Adriatic coastline and a short distance from an area in the Apennine mountain range known as the Sibillini.  Training will be mostly in the province of Fermo, know also a Marca Fermana.

Quite, virtually traffic free roads, clean air and several beaches with a prestigious Blue Flag Blue Flag Award award, its not surprising that this region is slowly gaining a reputation as a sporting paradise.

The Apennines mountain range that runs down the country reach their highest point, over 3000 meters, between the regions of Marche and Abruzzo.  The proximity of such high mountains close to sea level means you can begin climbing mountain passes without the need for several days to adapt to altitude.  

Our spring camps feature climbs like Forca di Presta, Sassotetta, San Giacomo and summer camps include Monte Petrano, Monte Nerone and Blockhaus (featured in the 2009 Giro d'Italia).

This perfect geographic layout of rolling hills, short steep climbs, medium length climbs, catgorised climbs and flat valley roads gives you an incredibly varied terrain that is possible to ride all in one training ride.

Our main base in Marche is a restored country house situated on an organic farm in the Val d'Aso valley. The farm house is surrounded by olive, peach, pear and fig trees. Like New England in the Fall with it's impressive changing colors, Val d'Aso attracts visitors very year during spring time to witness it's spectacular colorful growth when the valley comes alive early in the year. There is something about riding on the main road to the mountains that gives you that bit of extra motivation and energy. Summer and Fall see wheat harvesting, slopes covered in sunflowers, apple orchards and blooming peach and pear trees. The Val d'Aso valley is also well know in Italy for quality fruit and vegetables such as lettuce, florence fennel, kiwi, and is particularly well know for peaces, pears and apples.

The house is less than 10 minutes ride from the sea at sits at the base of three beautiful medieval hamlets, Altidona, Moresco and Monterubbiano. Moresco is notably one of the few small towns in Italy to receive the prestigious 'Borgo Piu Bella d'Italia' from Touring Club Italia recognizing the 12th century fortified village for its beauty and the uniqueness of it heptagonal shaped tower. The only one of its kind in Italy.

All of our prices are based on single rooms with the option of a double if you are traveling with someone. We believe after a riding a good part of the day you will rest, relax and recover better when you have more space, privacy and control over your sleeping environment

Spring time on the Adriatic coast is very similar to the Mediterranean on the other side of the country with temperatures ranging from 15 to about 20 degrees celsius and above (60 + fahrenheit).  Spring weather can sometimes be a little unpredictable but mostly with beautiful warm sunny days.  There is always the chance of rain therefore we recommend you pack, arm warmers, lighweight winter gloves, wind and rain jackets to be on the safe side.

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Tirreno mapItaly's answer to Paris Nice is a 7-day stage race also know as the 'la corsa tra due mare' or the 'race between the two seas'. Every year in early Spring this important Pro Tour stage race starts on the Mediterranean coast and traverses the Apennines passing through Tuscany and Umbria before reaching the Adriatic Sea on the Marche coast.

The 2012 will be the 47th edition of the race. It is considered an important final preparation race for 'Milan San Remo' with the last day finishing in San Benedetto on the Tuesday before 'La Primavera'.

Fabian Cancellara won the overall classification in the 2008 later that week went on to win Milan San Remo. In 2009 on the last stage Geroge Hincapi led the bunch at high speed down the Rivera del Palme while sitting on his wheel like a cat ready to pounce for victory was Mark Cavendish.  A few days later Cav would defy critques and win La Primavera.  This is undoubtable the most important tune up to the longest one day classic in the year and the route covers some of the most spectacular terrain in Italy. Champions like Tom Bonnen, Cancellara, Oscar Friere, Andy Shleck and Petacchi have all used the 'race between the two seas' as preparation for the Spring campaigns.

This is a beautiful spring stage race with an exciting finish in the Blue Flag resort of San Benedetto del Tronto. Last year two of the stages traversed our training area taking in nearby categorized climbs like Montalto Marche and the mountain pass to the ski station of Sarnano.  Another climb that features regularly is a 2 km monstrous hill in Montopone that sometimes even forces the pro's to dismount and walk.

The 2012 route just released can be viewed using the link below.  This year the race starts with a team time trial and finishes with an individual time trial on the palm tree lined seafront of San Benedetto del Tronto.


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Below is a summary of the main camp activities.

This is a spring season preparation training camp, daily training is all about getting in quality hours on the bike with lots of climbing, descending and high tempo group riding.

  • The camp starts officially on Sunday morning, but you can also opt to arrive on Saturday. Transfers from Ancona Falconara, Pescara airports or local train stations.
  • The camp is made up of 8 training days over varied terrain in the Marca Fermana area. At least one of those days will be in the Sibillini Mountains and almost every day there will be climbing involved.
  • Two massages during the camp are included in the price for each rider; the first within the a couple of days of arrival to help you recover from the affects of travel or jet lag and a second after our Queen stage training ride in the Sibillini mountains.  You can request a massage in addition to these at any time for a reasonable rate.
  • Training will be in and around our spectacularly diverse terrain, an area made up of 33 medieval communes, incredible scenery and quiet well maintained country roads. The terrain varies from flat valley roads and coastal stretches to high mountains. There is also plenty of 'mange beve' terrain (riding on the ridges above valleys).
  • Tirreno Adriatico passes into our territory on the same weekend you arrive.  Our afternoons will be spend viewing the race and meeting riders on the final two stages.
  • You will have the opportunity to accumulate as much as 20 hours or more of traffic free roads.
  • During the first couple of days the training rides will vary between 2 and 3.5 hours. After that the group may be split into two based on rider evaluation, the climbing over the next few days will become increasingly challenging.
  • Groups are organized to ride steady and efficient for the benefit of everyone.  Guides set tempo and you will learn to ride side and position correctly depending on the wind direction.
  • On day 3 we do our first long ride, between 5 and 6 hours. This is when we start to ride into the Sibillini Mountains.
  • The majority of dining will be at our Country House residence but one night we will be dine out.  Mid week will we head out for pizza to Tucano's, considered on of the best Pizzerias on the Adriatic coast. 
  • A final transfer back to the Airport will be arrange for Sunday morning and afternoon.


Marca road

There are 3 levels of support services with each training and racing camp, Rider, Team and Pro support.  Rider and Pro are for custom camps only, contact us for more information on how to design and reserve a camp.  All of our scheduled events have Team Support a explained in the services section in each camp.  Our guides are experienced racers and have ridden many of the Gran Fondo's in Italy.  They will be part of the group rides daily and will be your 'gregarrios' for Gran Fondo races.  

Training groups are kept small for safety and efficiency out on the road.  Groups ride and maintain formation, riding proper pace lines according to wind direction and terrain.

In case at any time someone wishes to cut training short they will have someone to escort them back to our lodging.

Our team nutritionist is Dr. Pete Pomei, one of the top sports consultants in Italy who also works with some of Italy top soccer teams. Our menus are designed to be balanced, fuel sufficient and delicious taking full advantage of local fresh produce, fish, meat and dairy products.  The family style kitchen prepares lunches and dinners using only local produce following traditional recipes. 

You will also be able to try a selection of various sports nutritional recommended by Dr Pompei,  products from Italy and even these can be surprisingly delicious!

Included with Team Support and Pro Suport are 2 professional massages for 7 to 10 day camps. Massage is something we take seriously and we are keen on stressing the benefits from receiving a proper massage specially adapted for a cyclist's legs. During the spring time when your condition is still not quite there and training long days in cooler temperatures it becomes difficult to recover and for your muscles to stay supple.

Not all massages will work for a cyclist and only a masseuse with experience that understands the demands of cycling and the sensations experienced by cyclists can give you the best possible treatment. If done correctly, a great masseuse can help speed up the recovery process, keeping your muscles supple so as to preserve your ability to perform the next day.

Our masseuse, an ex professional cyclist, has over 35 years of experience massaging elite cyclists. The first massage will be the day after you arrive to help you adapt and recover from jet lag. Travel can leave your legs tights and sore so we realize it's important that you get the first rides in with supple muscles or you may have difficulty all week with recovery. If you require any other specific therapy we can arrange a visit with our chiropractor.


Each day there is a team car following the groups with spare wheels, bikes, extra clothing energy drinks and nutrition.  All flats are dealt with just like in a race. In other words, if you flat your hand goes up, you pull over and a mechanic will change your wheel. The group rides on and you can use the opportunity, if you happen to be unlucky to practice riding back to a group paced by the team car.  If for some reason you have difficulty the group will be asked to wait for you.

Both our bases at Casa Vecchia and Le Corti can arrange for a number of activities such as, horseback riding, wine tastings, spa treatment as well as making reservations is some of the best places to dine in Florence, Fermo, Lucca and Pisa.  Without having to take a chance on a guide book recommendation, The Prince himself will be able to offer you his knowledge and opinion on where to go for that unique afternoon lunch or dinner out on the town.  If you travel with family or do decide to stay longer after the camp is finished we also have a professional tourist guide available who can help you design a itinerary tailored to your needs and schedule.


Services Selle Team Car
Services Team & Porche
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Prices are based on single occupancy full board accommodation.  Dining every day includes, large breakfast, lunch, coffee on stops and evening dinner with wine.  Before purchasing online you can choose to opt for double occupancy at a reduced rate. Transfer is provided also and included in the price (see below). Group transfers for custom camps can be arranged from Bologna International Airport or Rome Di Vinci International at additional cost.  Contact us for more information.  We give you the flexibility of choosing your arrival day. This will allow for more options when booking a flight to suit your schedule.  You can arrive one day early or late If for some reason you cant make the official start date.  There is also the option to extend your camp by 1 day.  Adding or subtracting a day will still include transfers.

Included is private transfer from Ancona Falconara and Pescara airports and both train stations from the airports or train stations listed below.

Airports:  Ancona (Falconara, Marche) and Pescara, (Abruzzo)  - Florence & Bologna International for Tuscan camps.

Train Stations: Ancona and Porto San Giorgio.


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